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As a trusted crash-reporting vendor to the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, LexisNexis® CoplogicTM Solutions is proud to offer LexisNexis® Police Reports at no cost to member agencies. By making reports accessible online, 24/7, to authorized parties, this dynamic solution can help eliminate everyday inefficiencies and resource burdens associated with police report distribution. Moving the process online significantly reduces the amount of mail and counter traffic agencies experience. In addition, it can help agencies:

  • Preserve resources and reallocate them to other law enforcement initiatives
  • Easily track and monitor agency-wide report requests and sales
  • Strengthen compliance with laws regarding the distribution of crash reports

Access powerful Investigative Insights

LexisNexis Police Reports also includes free access to other valuable services, including Investigative Insights about people, vehicles and incidents across the nation. Using this feature, which provides access to a database of 173 million pieces of data (consisting of 91 million person records, 82 million accident records, more than 35,000 accidents reports, and 62,000 VINs added daily) can help your officers, detectives and investigators better inform and accelerate their crime-solving efforts. This feature is accessible via the LexisNexis® Command Center (“Command Center”), a robust dashboard that offers centralized access to multiple LexisNexis Coplogic Solutions products.

Also included with LexisNexis Police Reports is free access to AutoCheck® for Law Enforcement vehicle history reports. These reports—also available through the Command Center—offer detailed vehicle information that can help agencies reduce vehicle fraud, theft and “title washing.”

With LexisNexis Police Reports, you get a powerful force multiplying solution that can help your agency:

  • Improve police report distribution, accessibility and efficiency to help reduce daily mail and in-person counter traffic
  • Enhance public service with a convenient online platform for ordering and fulfilling police reports
  • Solve crimes faster with instant access to nationwide information on incidents, vehicles and people
  • Reduce vehicle fraud, theft and “title washing” with free, direct access to AutoCheck for Law Enforcement vehicle history reports

LexisNexis Police Reports is available at no cost to your agency. Contact us today to learn more: 877.719.8806 or email us at [email protected].

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